Friday, March 14, 2008

Europe #1 - Part II

So…I need to post more often. Life gets so busy – what can I say?

So after Luxembourg, we spent a day touring around the city of Metz – that’s where my brother was going to school. They have a really cool cathedral, and the oldest church in France (Built in 380 A.D.)

The next day, we went to a castle in the Alsace region of France called Haut-Koenigsberg. It was definitely an awesome choice for our first castle to visit. It had been remodeled to look like it would have ages ago – it was really neat. Here are some of the favorite pics…

On our way to Switzerland, we drove through the Black Forrest in Germany, but it was getting late, so we didn’t get any really good photos. That night we ended up in Zollikofen , Switzerland and got some cool shots of the Bern Temple at night.

The next morning we were able to do a session in the Bern Temple – really cool! Then it was off to a city called Montreux that is right on Lake Geneva. The setting there was BEAUTIFUL with the Swiss Alps in the background – breath taking! We went to one of our favorite castles called Chateau de Chillon that is right out on the lake. There’s a train that you can take around the lake that stops at all of the towns along the way. We had fun smashing coins on the tracks – just like little kids! :) This was definitely one of my favorite places in ALL of Europe.


Suzie said...

Gorgeous shots! That looks sooo heavenly.


Leah said...

I love the pictures of the Cathedral! I'm so jealous! I've never been to Europe!

Anonymous said...

So romantic! Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live there? Drop your email off on my blog because we are going private and I want you to be able to enjoy my blog anytime you would like! HA HA, I am such a nerd!