Monday, January 7, 2008

New Ward

So we went to our new ward for the first time yesterday. It’s definitely…..different. It’s a pretty good mix of new families that have one or two children, to older couples. I must say I miss seeing hundreds of kids in sacrament meeting, and about a dozen or more pregnant ladies at a time. We’re probably the youngest couple in the ward. Whenever we move, that always seems to be the case. Makes it a little intimidating to make friends, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

I went to ward choir after church - there are some incredibly talented people in the ward (The Day family - owners of Day Murray Music - being some of them.) I'm trying to get more "involved" - It will be fun to be surrounded by music again!

We both agreed that the ward is going be quite an adjustment. We will miss our old ward friends a LOT! So goes the cycle of life I suppose... {sigh}


Leah said...

We miss you!

Jewel said...

Hi Jodi,
I wanted to say a goodbye that I didn't really get to say in person. Hopefully I will see you guys around sometime.
I'm glad you went to ward choir to share your talents. We miss both of you. Thanks for the dance lessons, haircut, well planned Christmas parties, beautiful vocal sounds, and inspiring thoughts and talks in Sac. Mtg, motivating healthful examples etc.
Thanks for being great friends and neighbors. Best of luck to you!
-Julia W.
P.S. I've been listening to AM 570

Cara said...

New wards are always an adjustment, aren't they! Of course we totally miss you guys! Feel free to come back anytime to visit. You are both so talented and so fun and easy to talk to. Thanks for being the best teachers to Trent. He LOVED you guys. Speaking of not seeing a million kids in sacrament meeting, how was actually hearing the speakers???? That had to be nice. Anyhoo, I'm glad you guys are getting all settled. I hope you still come back to card swap and other activities.

Bret and Laura Nicholson said...

It was fun to go to church with you today. We need to come and see your new place. Maybe we can play a FRIENDLY game of Settlers :)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil and Jodi! I saw your blog from wes and kristins and wanted to say Hi! I love the background, isn't blogging terriably exciting?

Natalie Johnson (Tillmann)

Meg said...

I know the feeling. Q and I are definitely the youngest in our ward. Over 70% of the ward is 65+. Q helped hand out gifts at Christmas time to the widows in the ward... there were over 200! Wow. I don't like our ward. Q says I should keep my mouth shut about it and look at the positive, but out last ward was AMAZING! And we taught the 17 year olds which I LOVED! I will try my hardest to see the good side of this ward. I will...