Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Jennifer said...

oh ya. I forgot about girls camp. nice picture...hum, where did you get it? Just kidding. No wonder you wont answer your phone. Miss ya. See you Saturday at 2:00 right?

Chels said...

We do need to hang out! And we need to talk about your baby shower. Sorry I've been such a slacker! I promise I will call you later this week to talk about a few different date options. I love you! I hope you had fun at Girl's Camp! I'm sure the girls love you...you are always a crazy-fun time :) (You know crazy-fun is a fabulous thing in my dictionary, so I hope you take it that way...why just be fun, when you can be crazy-fun?!)

Suzie said...

hope you had a blast!

I am a lover of Girls camp.
they are lucky to have you go.