Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Me" in a Nutshell

Many of you have already done this type of post, but I thought I'd give it a whirl, so here goes nothing.

1. Age on my next birhtday:

2. Month my Birthday is in:

3. A place I'd like to visit:

4. A favorite place:
5. One of my favorite things:

6. My favorite color:

7. My favorite food:
8. Least favorite food:
9. My favorite flower: (I have two)

10. The city in which I live:

11. Name of past pet: (Actually a current pet)

12. Nickname I have: (My brother gave it to me when I was little. For those who haven't seen the movie, his name is "Goob.")

13. College major: (I don't do it for a living though)

14. 1st Job: (Besides babysitting and working for my Dad)

15. A hope for 2008: (To clarify - I want a HEALTHY, HAPPY baby!)

Whoever likes the idea and thinks it's a fun way to share a bit about you - blog away! :)


Jennifer said...

Way cute. How's it going?

Hand Picked Daisy said...

Totally the best memory. I still can wait until we can watch our video tape of life in heaven. That's the first memory I want to see. Pha ha ha!!! "Jennifer? Um, the trailor isn't there!!!" We have had some good times. You are my bestest friend. I also remember the memory in our appartments when we went to the hot tub. Tee hee.

August 9th may or may not work. That's my moms birthday and I don't know what my dad is planning yet. So that's why that no work. :) Love ya!

Bret and Laura Nicholson said...

That is a a cool blog entry. Where is your favorite place?

Jennifer said...

You're such a nerd!! 8D

Meghan N Brady said...

Jodi! Hello! The last time I saw you was at Megan's bridal shower. I found your blog through her's by the way. Congatulations on your cute family!