Friday, September 5, 2008

Rare glimpse

So our little girl Tia is not the most social thing in the world. In fact, the opposite is more so the case! She rarely comes upstairs and when she does, she's incredibly skiddish, so we don't often get to see her get playful. I was sitting on the chair in our family room working on my laptop, when she brought up this little piece of sponge that she stole from my scrapbook stuff who knows how long ago. (This is more the personality we're used to - she's a mischievous little clepto!) She started playing with it and luckily the camera was close enough that my getting up to get it didn't scare her downstairs. So here is a VERY rare glimpse at a side of our kitty we NEVER get to see. Might be boring to you all, but I was thrilled to witness it!


Just the two of us said...

awww, so cute, I love kitties!

Lindsey said...

cute kitty pie! Sadly our kitties don't get near as much attention with a babe around. :( I'm glad you care to film your kitty. I gotta work on that. :)