Monday, September 15, 2008

Smells so sweet!

So this past weekend, our home has been filled with some GREAT smells! First was Friday when Neil gave me a giant, gorgeous bouquet of flowers for our anniversary. My favorite flower is a stargazer lily, and they are incredibly fragrant! Our whole house smells like fresh flowers - I love it!

(This picture doesn't do the flowers justice - they're GORGEOUS!)

Then on Saturday, I was feeling 'domestic' and decided to make some banana bread with some bananas that were a little to spotted for normal consumption. The bread smelled so good while it was baking and has been devoured by both of us. I'm tempted to buy some over-ripe bananas now and make some more it was so tasty!

(So this isn't my actual bread, but it looked similar.)

Then Sunday, since my previous baking experience had gone so well, I decided to make a fresh peach pie with some super sweet & juicy peaches we get from an orchard in Provo. (I've been obsessed with them lately and we're on our 4th bushel! What can I say, I'm pregnant!) I must admit, I've never made a pie before at all, so it was all new to me, but they turned out BEAUTIFUL! We baked them at my parents house last night and since they didn't get out of the oven until almost 10:30 (due to my poor planning) I haven't actually tasted it yet. But we left one of them for my parents and my dad had some for breakfast (typical of my dad!) and LOVED it! It sure did smell good on the drive home though. I must say I was quite proud of how it turned out for being my first pie ever.

(This IS a picture of my first pie! The juice made a mess of my mom's oven, but it turned out beautiful!)

Neil is probably beside himself that I've baked so much! He shouldn't get used to it though, because everyone keeps saying that I won't have time for baking once Avery arrives. I've enjoyed it so much lately (I made fresh wheat bread last week with fresh ground wheat flour!) that maybe I'll have to keep making the time for it! But our house sure has smelled good for the past few days!!


Lindsey said...

What fun adventures of smells. :) Love to see the experiments turn out so well. :)

John and Tiffany Romney said...

Wow! Domestic woman! Please teach me. :) I loved your comment on my blog about Duck Tales! I am totally singing that in my head right now... Hey, sorry I won't be able to make it to your shower on Saturday. I called to RSVP and left a message. I am doing a bridal shower for my friend that same day! Have a blast though and thanks for the invite!!!

The Youngs said...

Your blog update is cute! And so everyone knows, that pie tasted awesome! It was so good. Thanks for sharing a few pieces with your friends at work!

Jennifer said...

Awe man! So jealous. Fourth bushel! That's a lot of peaches. Millions of peaches, peaches for Jodi.. So I love your new look. Did you design your blog yourself? I'm sure you did. You're so talented and awesome what can I say. And just to make the record straight. I feel so guilty putting the kids in front of the tv all the time. I'm not as good with playing with the kids as I want to be. I just don't usually post about those "un-attended" times, so I guess it may look like I'm amazing but. . ya, I'm not. Trying to be better. ;) I was also wondering if I could use your ipod. It looks so cool but I don't want to use it if you don't want me too. y'know? I'll even give you all the credit on my blog. Just let me know. My playlist one is really ghetto. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you for awhile too. I haven't been that good at coming to your blog either, which will change now that I am following it. Tee hee. I hope I'm your first follower. You'll have to let me know. Cause that would just make me feel so special and cool. I'm really excited for the baby shower. I'm hope you like your present. I'm just so worried that you wont that I keep having second thoughts on if it looks good or not. I don't know. Seriously though, if you don't like it or it's not what you wanted or expected then I totally am ok if you don't use it. Or if it becomes the picnic blanket that gets dirty and worn. Anyway, sorry I'm blabbing. Love you so much! Cant wait to see Avery. I'm definitly going to be her favorite aunt. You will see! Maybe I should re-read this too because I always make so many mistakes. I wasn't very good at english you know. Ok, I've read over it. I still probably made mistakes though. Love ya!

Bret and Laura Nicholson said...

The pie not only looked pretty, it tasted delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Cara said...

Looks delicious!

PĂ©itseoga said...

oh, my anniversary bouquet was very similar!!