Monday, December 15, 2008

8 Weeks

(Smiling for Mom - she usually smiles big when we DON'T have the camera out.)

Avery had her 8 week checkup today! I can't believe the time has passed SO fast! The doctor said that everything looks great and that she actually seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to her strength. He said that she can stand really well, and that she keeps her head up and balanced very well also. We've always noticed how strong her neck is. Even in the hospital she was holding her head up a lot - the nurses even commented on it. The doctor also said that she's following things very steady - not a lot of jerking movements. We're just proud of her no matter what, but it's fun to think she's learning fast! :)

(Sitting up like a big girl - with a little help)

I never posted her 2 week checkup stats, so here they are along with today's for comparison.

2 week:
Height: 20 1/2" (82%)
Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz (85%)
Head Size: 36 cm (75%)

8 week:
Height: 22" (37 %)
Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz (42 %)
Head Size: 38 cm (32%)

Apparently, I had a large baby, but she's shrinking....or rather not growing at a "normal" pace. I'm not worried one bit though - we love her just the way she is! She loves tummy time and always kicks her feet to try to move forward (I swear she'll be crawling in no time!) She's smiling more and more every day and she's more and more happy (if that's possible)! She is SUCH a good baby and we just adore her!

(Some tummy time on the Boppy)

(Doesn't it look so relaxing? She's so content!)


Jennifer said...

ok, Maybe I do want another baby. She is just so cute. I just don't know how I could take care of another baby with litte "WD" running around. Love you guys!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, we call Lincoln WD. Wave of Destruction. Tee hee! Love ya!

Laura said...

I love the picture of Avery on the Boppy pillow.... so cute.

Suzie said...

I just love her to pieces, Jody!
She is so beautiful!

Thunder and Kiks said...

She is getting so big! she is a doll, give her snuggles for us and remind her who we are so she doesnt cry when she sees us!

Cara said...

Congrats Jodi!!! I'm SO behind on checking everyone's blogs. I figured you had had her....BUT not EIGHT weeks ago. She is so beautiful. Watch out...Peyton was super strong, rolling over at 2 weeks....and the fun began there. It's sad because they grow up to quickly! She's a doll!