Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Post (I know...unbelievable) gets crazy sometimes. When I'm not running around doing a million things, I'm trying to recoup from running around doing a million things. Unfortunately my blog suffers. But I'm back. Whether temporarily, or for good, only time will tell. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Avery from the last couple of months. She sure has grown/changed a lot!! I can't believe she's been with our little family for longer now than she was in me. She is developing SOOO much of her own personality, it's so much fun to watch it unfold. She has had some moments of being sassy, (do they seriously start that this early???) but for the most part, she's a WONDERFUL little girl! She loves to smile and laughs often! She brings so much joy to us it's amazing!! So enjoy these fun little pictures of the last few months (there are a lot!!)

(Just a cute one of her sleepin' in her car seat)

(Fell asleep watchin' a Baby Einstein)

(Sleepin' in her bouncer)

(We made a wall of pillows on our bed one morning - so we could get ready for church - she loved it!!)

(Shortly after she learned she could get around by rolling, it was rare for her o stay on her blanket. She apparently got tuckered out from all that rollin'.)

(Just learning to army crawl)

(Playin' with mom)

(She figured she'd eat and pray at the same time. She loves to do this with her feet when she's drinking her bottle)

(Fell asleep again watchin' a Baby Einstein. Either they're really boring, or we just wear her out a lot before putting it on for her!)

(She got really messy eating some fruit from her fruit feeder and I didn't want her dripping down the hall into the bathroom, so I rinsed her off in the sink. She LOVED it!!)

(Standing up on anything she possibly can!)

(She found our dead houseplant and had a hay-day with the leaves. I swear this entertained her for like an hour and a half. Disclaimer: when we put our Christmas decorations away, we somehow forgot the manger, and since it's kind of off to the side of the dining area, we don't notice it often enough to remind us to put it away - hence the dead houseplants as well. It has since been put away!) :)

(Stripped the remaining leaves a few days later.)

(Making a mess with her fruit feeder. Not sure if you can tell, but she has banana goo ALL over her legs and tummy)

(We gave her 1/2 a lemon rind after it had been juiced and she went to town on it! She has since had quite a few others, including a lime - like mother like daughter I guess...I used to eat lemons as a kid)

(I LOVE this pic!! She was trying to put her bottle in her mouth but wasn't realizing that she first had to spit out her binki, so she kept spraying milk all over her face and tummy. It was sooooo cute to see how confused she was getting.)

(Another strange sleeping position after a Baby Einstein movie - you'd think we never put her down for naps!?! I promise we do!!)

(Her bouncer has this toy bin below it - well lately she has this obsession with crawling in it, but then gets so frustrated that she can't sit up strait. And it's intimidating to crawl out of because it's a couple inches off the ground. She gets so sad in there sometimes.)

(Another cute pic trying to crawl out from under the bouncer.)

("Look mom, one hand!!")

(I laid her in bed one morning after feeding her and she just spread her arms strait out - it was soooo cute! Pic doesn't do it justice.)

(The bottle was on the floor next to the garbage can and she thought it was a giant bottle. So cute!!)

(So these pictures don't do it justice. She was drinking a bottle in her bouncer one day and was squirming SOOOO much. I had to pick some of the best ones, but I have about 20 pictures and each one she's in a different position. She kept making this funny grunting sound too - it was hilarious!!!)


Nikki said...

I love it Jodi! She's getting so big! And exploring! Darling!

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I just pulled myself off the floor from being passed out! {wink} I loved looking at all of those pictures. I miss seeing Avery. I need to come over and play. Hope you are doing well. Love you! <3

Laura said...

The kids LOVED looking at these pictures of Avery, what a sweetie! Your new design is very cute too.

Jennifer said...

Love your new background girlfriend!

Cara said...

What a cutie! She's getting so big. You look amazing!

Nikki said...

Love the new background Jodes! But keep your stalkers up to date will ya? LOL! It's time for another post! :) Love ya!