Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Garden Experiment

So I finally downloaded a heapload of pictures off my camera. While some of them were quite awhile ago, who cares, right? So here are some fun things our Summer was filled with.

So we planted a garden for the first time ever. Notice I didn't say "grew" a garden? Well, apparently our thumbs are more of a shade of black than green. Needless to say, we didn't do so hot. We tried the square foot gardening method and built a nice little box and planted our nice little starts from the nursery.

We planted zucchini, 4 different tomatoes, 2 peppers, lettuce, 2 kinds of onions, and some cilantro.

At first things were going quite nicely. Near the beginning, our cucumber plants got eaten by something that must just love cucumbers 'cause everything else ended up fine.

But after not too long, things started growing on their own...

It was all so miraculous. These wonderful little plants just started blossoming, and then bearing fruit. I was so excited. Then it happened. My tomato plants' leaves started dying. So I thought I must be over watering. Then my cilantro went to seed practically overnight, so it stopped growing. Then my lettuce started growing a little tower instead of a big bushy lettuce head. Then my zucchini had these curious little bugs that seemed harmless.....until one day the entire plant shriveled up and died a horrible death. Who ever heard of bugs that ONLY feed on squash??? Not me, I tell you?! I suppose they're called "SQUASH BUGS" for a reason??

This little guy is the lone survivor of the zucchini plant. I did also get one yellow straightneck before it died too. I've gotten a fair amount of tomatoes, though one of my plants literally only produced a whoppin' TWO tomatoes!!! I'd take pictures, but I wouldn't want to further embarrass myself. What makes it worse is that I live between two people who's gardens could feed my entire ward for a month!! ONE of their tomato plants was easily as big as my entire garden!! The interesting thing too, is that the extra jalapeno plants that we couldn't fit into the square foot bed, we planted in the ground by the garden. They've done AWESOME!!

Go figure, eh?!


John and Tiff said...

Hey, at least you TRIED to grow a garden. I say Way to Go! I think you did fantastic.

Jennifer said...

Ya, at least you had a garden. Live and learn I guess. That's aweomse! You're so cool.

Nikki said...

The garden is beautiful! I love the fun dolls you made of your mother! How fun!

Laura said...

When at first you don't suceed, try, try again!