Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Mother

So my mom often has me help her with projects that she needed for her YW (she was the president - recently got released.) Well, for their girls camp, they had to make these paper dolls into "them." She gave me the doll and told me to get I did! :) The only think she told me to do was to make her doll wearing workout clothes because she likes to exercise. I went a little further than that.

In addition to workout clothes, she's wearing a kitchen apron because she loves to cook. She has sunglasses and a visor on, and of course a party hat, since she is the life of EVERY party!

Her left arm carried her fabric purse which was filled with: A For the Strength of Youth booklet, as well as the YW Personal Progress book. A family picture. A water bottle. Her passport (she travels a LOT!!) Her crochet thread and needle. And of course, her Cafe Rio and Subway giftcards.

Her right arm has a blowdryer (she's a hairdresser) - complete with electric cord - and a pom pom. She was a cheerleader in high school, and while it may not be the case for everyone, for my mom..."Once a cheerleader, ALWAYS a cheerleader!" ;)

Her apron pocket contained a wisk (for baking) her nail polish and nail file (for you will never find my mom without her nails done!) and her comb and shears for cutting hair.

While I may have gone a bit overboard, it was VERY fun to make. I think it was a good representation of her - if I say so myself! :)


Jennifer said...

That's freakn' awesome. I want to to that with my family now.

Laura said...

It turned out so cute. Love it!