Thursday, March 5, 2009

20 weeks

(Wrapped in her "snuggly")

So Avery is officially 20 weeks today! We haven't had her 4 month appointment yet because her doctor suddenly decided not to accept our insurance anymore, so we have to find a new pediatrician. From what we have looked up though, she's making every milestone on time, and a lot of them she hits early.

* She can roll over from front to back and back to front in either direction. She often rolls all over the place when she's on floor time.
* She grabs at everything she can, always bringing it directly into her mouth!
* She coos and talks all day long, and loves to make new sounds.
* She loves to smile and giggles a lot (is now starting to without being tickled)
* She can hold her own bottle through an entire feeding.
* She can sit up pretty good - we think she'll be sitting on her own soon.
* She is learning to army crawl - combined with the rolling, she needs a lot of room around her when we put her on the floor!

We absolutely adore her and can't enough of her!! We are both surprised by how quickly the time has passed and want it to slow down. But we do love to see how she progresses. We knew being parents would be fun, but had NO idea it would bring us both SOOO much joy!! We're amazed everyday at the precious little miracle we have been entrusted with. She fills our hearts with so much love and joy!

(Smiling - as usual!)

(Playing with dad)

(Ridin' on dad's shoulders)

(Holding her bottle while watching Baby Einstein)

(When unable to locate anything else to put in her mouth - in goes the fist! Lately it's been the thumb, though she more so chews it rather than sucking it.)

(Playing with her tongue)

(Holding hands with her friend Alexa)

(I love this picture! It's like she's been caught red handed! She wouldn't let go of Alexa's PJ's)

(Practicing sitting up in the boppy)

(She fell asleep grabbin' dad's shirt.)

(Gotta love those eyes!! They look like they might fall out in this pic)

(Another one holding her bottle)


Jennifer said...

Ya!!! I got my Avery fix! I'm so glad you put up so many pictures! Thank you Thank you!!! I don't know if your insurance would work for our pediatrition but I absolutly love him. He even looks like Niles from Frazer! And his brother sells antiques. Cool huh? His name is Peter Lindgren. He was really there and very informative when the boys were in the hospital too. So nice and very cool about not using medicines with bad stuff in them. Open to natural stuff. He's awesome! He incourages it.

Laura said...

Very cute pictures. This weekend Bret is going camping with the YM and next weekend my Mom is staying with us and we are going to the Draper temple. Crazy month for us....we'll talk and set something up. We want to hang out with you guys soon. We should plan a weekend at the condo.

Lindsey said...

She sure is a cutie!

The Youngs said...

I love all the pictures. Avery really is adorable!