Sunday, March 1, 2009

Avery's blessing

(Her long pretty dress)

The Sunday after Christmas we blessed Avery so we could do it while family was still in town from the holidays. It was a very exciting, humbling, and memorable day. Neil did such a beautiful job with the blessing. We had our friends and family over to our house afterward for some brunch food. Our brother-in-law Ed used his fancy pants camera and his mad camera skills to take some amazing shots of Avery in her dress. My mom crocheted that beautiful white afghan she is on in the pictures - Thanks mom!! You're the greatest! The whole day turned out just perfect.

(Family picture)

(Mom & Aves - notice how our eyes match) :)

(Cute picture of Dad & Avery)

(Holding our wedding rings)

(Smilin' for the camera)


Ashlie said...

Cute pictures. Beautiful blessing gown.

Chels said...

She is absolutely perfect!!!! I love all of these pictures!