Thursday, February 26, 2009

Landon's tower

(Landon building his tower)

So before Neil's sister left town after Christmas, we had everyone up to our house for some Swiss Raclette. It's an AMAZING meal with cheese and potatoes and it's oh-so-scrumptious! We had these blocks out for the kids to play with and they piqued Landon's interest. He wanted to see how tall of a tower he could build. He got it to be 60" high and stay standing on it's own before it toppled while trying to add one more to it.

(You can see it leaning quite a bit.)

(What a nice little tower builder he is)

(Side note: My dad made these blocks many many years ago and I can remember making many different shapes and sizes of towers and castles for hours on end when I was a kid. I inherited them not to long ago when my dad was cleaning out his shed. There are a few round ones, and my brother and I used to draw faces on them to make them into little people to live in our castles. Ahhh...what fun memories!!)

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Launi said...

Very cool tower! We used to have those kind of blocks when I was a kid too. You know, I need this recipe---I looked it up but only found the cheese. I'd love to know more.
And PS--this Carrie Underwood song makes me bawl...