Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(Avery with one of her presents)

We had lots of fun over the week of Christmas. On the 23rd, we went to a play called "Scrooge" up in Ogden with Neil's family. We went to dinner at Morelia's first and then packed everyone up in the Suburban and made the long drive. On Christmas Eve we had dinner at my parents' house and opened up some presents there. Avery got spoiled and had lots of fun opening her presents (or at lease we did helping her.) We spent the night at home and were surprised to wake up Christmas morning to a giant snow storm. We were going to Neil's sister Cami's house for lunch, but just as we left our house, Neil's brother Landon called and said they were snowed in. We had taken the Suburban because of the storm, so we came and rescued them. With the snow drifts, they had over 2 feet in places at their house in Herriman! We had a lot of fun at Aaron and Cami's house!! We went back to my parents' house later that evening to wrap up our fun day! It was so fun to spend time with the family - I love the holidays!!

(Avery opening one of Grandma & Grandpa's presents)

(Neil with one of Avery's gifts)

(The giant snow storm!!)

(Neil helping Avery with her presents)

(Avery's first ornament!)

(All of Neil's family on Christmas!)

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