Thursday, February 26, 2009

O Christmas Tree

(Our cute little tree)

So we had a real tree again this year - thanks to my kind brother and sister-in-law! We weren't able to go cut it down with them in Manti this year, so they brought us one home instead! We had fun decorating it and it turned out quite nice. We still don't have a tree topper, so we had to improvise. My real mom made a bunch of little elves (we call 'em pixies) many years ago and they were always one of our favorite things to put on the tree growing up. You can bend their arms and legs and mold them into different poses. A couple of years ago, my parents decided to divvy them up and gave us each a few of them, keeping a few for themselves still. This year one of the pixies helped put up a star ornament as the tree topper. Perhaps we'll finally buy on next year....but probably not until the end of the year when it would be on clearance.

(With the lights on)

(The little pixie, hanging the star.)

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