Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo shoot

(The birth announcement that never got mailed)

So I was trying to take my own "studio style" pictures of Avery to make a birth announcement. Well, like many good intentions, it never got fully followed through with. I even went as far as getting them developed, but they turned out really yellow, and I never ended up having them reprinted so I could mail them out. *sigh* Perhaps someday I will be good at things like that! I suppose I did get some good pictures out of it. Here are a few of my favorites.

(In the basket - without all of the words.)

We ended up hanging a white sheet over the mantle so it hung down, and then we put her soft blanket down to put her on. We brought in our big spotlight that we use for painting and yard work at night. It wasn't then best lighting, but even in the daytime the lighting isn't good enough to not have to use a flash. Someday I would love to get more into photography!!

(The lighting wasn't that great so I had to lighten them up after. Apparently I'm not very good at editing pictures in photoshop. At least when it comes to the brightness/color.)

(Some tummy time photos)

(She would only put one arm over the prop-up we had for her, so she kept rolling off it.)

(You can't see it as well this small, but she kept drooling and she has a drop of shiny, clear drool on her arm in this one.)

(I love her eyelashes in this one)

(What a cute smile, eh??)

(Wardrobe change - or at least the head wear)

(Another adorable grin. I can't just be biased...she's just stinkin' cute!!)


Laura said...

She is so cute! Here eyelashes are getting darker and it makes her eyes look so beautiful.

Ashlie said...

She is beautiful!

Scott said...

Cute pics! I'll help you with photo lessons any time you want. Some adjustments to your camera's white balance would probably take care of the yellow cast on these.

Jennifer said...

Love the picture of you and Neil as Mary and Joseph.