Sunday, March 29, 2009

Draper Temple

(Best view we could get with all of the white canopies on the property.)

Neil and I took little Ave to the Draper Temple open house a couple of weeks ago. It was a really neat experience!! There were so many things that I absolutely loved about it. I was literally breath-taken when we walked into the first of the two painted endowment rooms. All the walls were painted as if you were sitting in the mountains. The other endowment room was painted as if you were in a grove of Aspen trees with a stream running by. They were incredible!! The chandeliers were beautiful as well - especially in the celestial room. One other thing that I loved was the sego lily theme throughout the entire temple. The chairs had sego lilies embroidered in them, as did the carpet (at least in the sealing rooms). There were beautiful sego lilies on the ceiling of the celestial room as well.

Even though we don't live in Sandy anymore, we both felt kind of like it was OUR new temple, since that is where our parents will go now. It was such a beautiful place and we can't wait to attend it. We were privileged to also attend the dedication last Sunday. The spirit was so strong! I'm so grateful that we have so many temples so close and that we get to participate in such a marvelous work.

(They had a wall of pictures of different temples around the world. The only two we've been to are the Frankfurt, Germany one - on the left - and the Salt Lake - on the right.)

(The artwork that they had in the chapel that you went to afterward was amazing. We got a picture by this one - after seeing many others do it. I realized later that it was kind of strange - as if we were posing for a picture WITH Jesus himself...)

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