Thursday, October 8, 2009

First time camping

We went with some friends of ours camping up in Tooele County. It was Avery's first time camping and she did great!

We had lots of great fun...


and laughter!!

She slept great, and woke up happy as can be!

We made omelets for breakfast,

and swung in the hammock.

We walked to a park and played in the grass...

Went down a slide (with a little apprehension) ...

And had a jolly old time!

So much fun, in fact, that we wore ourselves right out!

Pretty soon she was going...going...gone!

Life is filled with such precious moments!!

Thanks Phil and Jenn, Grant and Lincoln, for a wonderful time!! Love you guys!!


Nikki said...

LOL! That was so darling! Cute Avery sleeping on her daddies shoulders! Aw! Looks like a fun trip!

Jennifer said...

That was so much fun!! I feel so cool to be featured on your blog!!! Love ya!